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Our Mission

our mission

The name of the corporation shall be Red Chemistry Inc. (the “corporation”). The corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes with the meaning of 501(c)3 of the internal revenue code (‘’code”), including for such purposes, receiving contributions and paying them over to organizations which are described in section 501©3 of the code. Without limiting the foregoing, the corporation is organized to:

(1) Serving youth and educators, dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through European films to increase the cinematographic awareness of students and their communities.

(2) Offering, through the “Cinemagique educational film program” students from grades 5-12 a unique cross-cultural educational film program, in partnership with schools, educators, community spaces and film professionals.

(3) Highlight and educate the public about the work of European filmmakers.

(4) Support the work of film students and enable new talents to become involved quickly in a professional project thanks to a short-movie competition at film festivals conducted by the corporation.

(5) Expand the scope of the corporation’s film festival, educational workshops and film activities to other locations inside and outside the United States.