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French Youth Prize

Ispa class of French of Ms Lhermitte, 12th gradersThe French Short Film Competition is presented in association with the French Educational Services of the French Consulate in Miami, Miami-Dade County Cultural Affairs, Coral Gables Community Foundation, the Fipa parental association and with guidance’s from producers, filmmakers, and teachers given throughout the school year.

The short film selection comes from the Poitiers Short Film Festival. Submissions in a maximum length of 25 minutes are first reviewed by an adult team with a background in the movie production led by professor and filmmaker Denise de la Vega and Ural Morris, on one side and high school students led by Dr Lhermitte on the other side after the highest number of student voted in a six-month selection period.

Winning filmmakers will receive a cash prize of $300. Also, a selection of the finalists’ films will be presented on Red Chemistry’s website to attract U.S. distributors. Additional finalists for the competition last year were presented on our website. Please check our announcements for future schedules:

French short film competition
Trailers of the films for the 5 selected by Ispa, 12 th graders, class of Mrs Lhermitte, Phd.
Evening will take place on May 24 and Youth Prize will be announced during that night while presentation will be made of the 5 best by students.

WINNER 2018 “Hybrids”  Directed by Florian Brauch

Statement: We are deeply glad that you liked Hybrids. We put our hearts to it and seeing it well received is very gratifying.
Thank you all for your choice you rock!

Who are we :
Florian Brauch
After an education in Switzerland, Florian Brauch moved to Arles in France to attend the school MoPA were he had the opportunity to deepen his passion for animation. After graduating he moved to London at Framestore to work on movies such as Thor: Ragnarok and currently in production, Mowgli.

Matthieu Pujol
Found of visual effects since a young age, he went to MoPA where he met the other members of the team behind Hybrids.
He now works as FX artist in London on TV shows like a black mirror and Altered Carbon.

Kim Tailhades
Coming from an artistic background, she specialized in the art of lighting. She gave Hybrids that dark painting look.
She is currently working at UNIT image Paris as an environment artist and lighter on many video games trailers.

Yohan Thireau
At MoPA,  he developed a keen eye for movement and animation that he used to make the hybrids feel alive and believable. He then specialized in crowd animation and now works at Prima Linea Paris.

Romain Thirion
He started directing his movies before school and continued working on those skills during his apprenticeship. He designed and modeled most of the creatures of Hybrids and graduated as a character artist.
He now creates all kind of creatures in London for the movie industry.

“La Table” Directed by D’Eugene Boitsov

“Un air de murmure” Directed by Cheyenne Wallays

“À perdre haleine” Directed by Lea Krawczyk

“Les enfants du Beton” directed by Cho Champson