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French Youth Prize

Red Chemistry and the Poitiers film festival are announcing a new partnership for the 2017-2018 season. High School students, under the direction of their beloved teacher: Mrs. Corinne Lhermitte Ph.D. at International Studies Preparatory Academy in Coral Gables, will announce the winner of the French Youth Prize: on a special night scheduled next May 2018.

The French Short Film Competition is presented in association with the French Educational Services of the French Consulate in Miami, Miami-Dade County Cultural Affairs, Coral Gables Community Foundation, Fipa parental association and with guidance’s from producers, filmmakers, and teachers. Short film entries are related to any theme without inappropriate content. They come from a special selection made by the Poitiers Short Film Festival. Thanks to this new partnership, submissions in a maximum length of 25 minutes are first accepted through an online free platform and then reviewed by an adult team before they get to the hands of the students. The Official Selection-winning entries are selected by two types of juries: volunteers with a background in the movie production led by professor and filmmaker Denise de la Vega and Ural Morris, on one side and high school students led by Dr Lhermitte on the other side after the highest number of student voted in a six-month selection period.

This Cinemagique program allows High School studentss to learn about film criticism and film production. It triggers their interest for those foreign countries and allow them to share a passion with visiting filmmakers, film producers, and film distributors coming to present the various aspects of their professions. Winning filmmakers will receive a cash prize of $300. Also a selection of the finalists’ films will be presented on Red Chemistry’s website to attract U.S. distributors. Additional finalists for the competition last year were presented on our website. Please check our announcements for future schedules: