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Short Films Top 10


By Angel Ripalda “Spain” Winner 2017

By Carlota Pereda “Spain”

By Jerome Roumagne “France”

By Kelly Holmes “UK”

By Arantxa Echevarria “Spain”

By Sylvain Amblard “France”

By Jose Manuel Carrasco “Spain”

By Clement Guihard “France”

By Gabriel Amar “France”

By Susana Casares “Spain”


The Winner of the European Short Film Competition for the 5th Cinemagique educational film program: Spanish Short “Oscar Desafinado“. Additional finalists for the competition were: Stela (Spain), Apocalypso (France),. The Wheel (France), Billy and Bud (France), Oscar Desafinado (Spain), Teatro (Spain), Wolf within (UK), Catch it (UK), Anna (Spain) and Girl of the Age (Germany)