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Who We Are

Red Chemistry’s Cinemagique program is a unique multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural film program that brings the best of European short films from young and emerging artists – in a framework of culture, history and language – to students across diverse Miami-Dade communities including Little Haiti, Coral Gables, Overtown, South Miami & Hialeah.

Cinemagique consists of a series of seven to ten short-film-based workshops offered in schools available in three languages for grades 5–12. Sessions on culture, history of cinema, film analysis, script writing and film production are tailored with each teacher for each grade and subject, and offered twice a month. Since 2006, Cinemagique has reached over 2,000 students, ages 10-19.

Cinemagique brings arts education into classrooms with an engaging, film-based approach, with a focus on Miami’s multi-cultural, multi-lingual and under-served communities. Students increase their vocabularies and ability to mimic accents and phonetics. Film screenings provide the roots of grammar and basic conversation, to master a language. Themes including history, geography, social issues, art, and environment allow teaching professionals and students to sharpen critical thinking. Learning about cultures, dispelling stereotypes and misconceptions, students prepare to live in a globalized society.