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CINEMAGIQUE educational program

“10 workshops for a creative experience”
(From Elementary to High School Level)

(5th Grade to 12th Grade)- Students learn how to structure a short film and create a script. They are exposed to European filmmaking styles. They learn how to review subtitled films that are screened during school hours. Following the screenings, the participants interact with local professionals from the film industry with the intention of encouraging critical thinking and artistic discovery.

Language programs (French, Spanish, English) – With the creative writing program, students can take an in-depth look at the art of writing film scripts to gain a deeper understanding of storytelling. Students further understand the specifics and importance of building a plot, dialogs and characters. These skills are used to highlight creative development in language programs and literature programs, as students will then create their own short stories upon completion of this program. 

For any program in French, all short films can be linked with classical or contemporary French novels.